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What is Branded Content?

                                  The New Era & Future of Brand Recognition













Balancing Act is a Digital Content Agency that works with Brands to create customisable solutions in the space of Content Creation and influencer sourcing and management. Balancing Act Films was set up by Divya to create content in the digital and television space keeping in mind what brands wanted in terms of messaging and reach.

Balancing Act Films helps Brands develop & create excellent content in order to stay connected with its consumers. Balancing Act combat the disdain for traditional advertising by helping our brands to look for best new ways to balance & connect with their audience, impact them in creative ways, and convey the values they represent. Balancing Act Films provides its brands with most powerful, impactful & engaging content. A good Branded content is a great solution of act to all these needs.


What is Branded Content?


Branded content is content that does not involve traditional advertising. It can include articles, videos, podcasts, and even live elements that bring relevant value to the consumer. It is not advertising in the way most people think of advertising (commercials, banner ads, social media ads, etc ). Balancing Act provides Brands with the key for grabbing the attention of today’s consumer and driving real engagement through content. Branded content can entertain people or teach them something, resulting in better brand engagement returns than standard pre roll content. Eg.Colgate Total upgrade campaign.



Why Branded content works better than traditional advertising?


Advertising is everywhere. One get ads on Facebook feeds, on streaming accounts, and even on e-readers. Also seen on billboards, email marketing, and banner ads daily. Think about how many ads you skip on YouTube every day. While branded content appears to be a current trend, it’s one that works. 

Here’s why Balancing Act up’s the brand recognition game: When a consumer watches Balancing Act created  branded content, the brand recall reaches up to 59% higher than it is with display ads.

Balancing Act created Branded content gets more attention and creates brand recognition. Consumers like our branded content because they believe the content is more consumer-focused.





How Balancing Act can help brands with impactful & engaging content?


Balancing Act Films helps brand create content which tells a story, evokes an emotional response, is entertaining, or is making a social statement. Our Branded content is more focused & interested in creating conversation around the brand. Our created branded content appears more consumer focused, helps built trust between the consumer and the brand, becoming a very effective marketing technique.

Balancing Act focuses & implements on below segments :

  • Engages through emotion or entertainment

  • Implements storytelling 

  • Makes a social statement

  • Use multiple mediums (including live events)

  • Highlights brand’s values, building consumer trust


Advantages of Balancing Act created Branded Content?


  1. It is not invasive - Balancing Act Films does not opt for traditional advertising, with method such as banners that hinder navigation, increasingly generate more rejection among users. Instead Balancing Act creates branded content that seeks to attract them naturally and make them want to get close to the brand.

  2. Generates an emotional connection with the brand - Balancing Act creates best branded contents that are capable of telling stories that excite the audience. This emotion will be associated with our brand, making users remember it for a long time.

  3. Potential to go viral - Balancing Act creates branded content which is presented in sharable formats that are very attractive for the audience, and and this often leads to our created content being shared through social networks. Which helps quickly generate a "snowball" effect that goes a long way.

  4. Improves the positioning of the brand -  Instead of just repeating a slogan, Our created content tells a story that represents the values Balancing Act want its brand to associate with. In this way, the positive associations and the characteristics associated with our brand are registered in the minds of the audience.

  5. Generates engagement and loyalty - Balancing Act created content not only seeks to be consumed passively, as in the case of traditional ads, but also helps provoke responses in users. Thus, the audience engages with the brand at a much deeper level and eventually integrates it as part of their customer identity.

  6. Help to promote traffic and leads - Although it is associated more with notoriety and branding metrics, All Balancing Act created branded content campaign have proved to serve bringing a large amount of traffic to its associated bands sbsite and campaign.




       Balancing Act specialize in Branded Content Creation for B2B brands across a variety of industries. Balancing Act offers a comprehensive range of content marketing solutions designed to help you take your content to the next level. Check out our website or connect with us on 912224920099 to get started

--Krutika Badle

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